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Without our volunteers, The Learning Jet, Inc. would not be possible. Our Volunteer are called "Timmy's Tenders" and are our boots-on-the-ground team that make this unique adventure what it is!


We can always use more help and if you are thinking of volunteering, please contact using the form below.

The Learning Jet, Inc. project needs volunteers to help in the following areas.  

  1. Timmy's Tenders Group - Mechanically inclined

  2. Fundraising

  3. Public Relations and Marketing

  4. Education – Teachers

  5. Operational & Business Planning

Not available to volunteer?  We still need your help!  Please go to the Donate page and view a list of our current needs.  You still may be able to help! 



The Learning Jet
Volunteering with the Learning Jet is a great way to meet new friends, network, and be a part of something bigger than yourself! 
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