Igniting a Lifelong Passion for Aviation

The Learning Jet is a renovated Boeing 727-200 cargo jet that is now a classroom for K-12 students and community organizations. This innovative project will help students succeed in school, mobilize future talent, and cultivate a workforce that is prepared to meet the transportation challenges of the future.

Curriculum Goals & Objectives

• To increase student proficiency in STEM subjects, with emphasis on girls and underrepresented students

• To enhance the teaching of STEM subjects in Minnesota PreK-12 schools

• To provide students with a learning experience that connects STEM subjects to exciting, real-world applications

• To foster development of confidence in students’ ability to succeed in STEM subjects

• To introduce students to the many different careers available in transportation industries, with a special emphasis on providing women and minority role models

• To build the capacity of Minnesota schoolteachers to implement transportation lessons and activities in their classrooms

• To assist local colleges with practical hands-on experience working on a large aircraft


Within the past two years, The Learning Jet has hosted thousands of students and community members. To accommodate the demand for this unique hands-on experience, the organization is in the process of building programmatic and capital capacity. Our intent is to provide year-round programming in the newly completed hangar.  Equipment such as flight simulators, smart boards and various types of aircraft are being added to the program as current space allows.