Field Trips

The Learning Jet is the first of its kind in the nation for engaging students in STEAM subjects and activities by incorporating hands-on activities in the classroom, cultivating enthusiasm for learning, relating it to real life experiences, and fostering a long-term interest in continued learning in science, technology, engineering and math.

Where else can you watch airplanes take off and land outside the door while conducting business?

A field trip to The Learning Jet offers students:

• STEAM education – Our programs include science, technology, engineering, aeronautics and mathematics standards so that students of all ages can learn necessary skills needed later in life.

• To introduce students to the different careers available within aviation industry.

• Exposure to hands-on activities:

    o Students learn differently and hands-on experiences make learning fun.

• The students will have a field trip they can’t stop talking about!

• Everyone gets to sit in the captain’s seat.

• Curriculum may include pre and post visit lessons.


• $10 per student with 20 student or $200 minimum

• Choose from a full or half-day.

    o Mornings: 9:00 am - 12 noon

    o Afternoons 12 noon - 3:00 pm

• There is a 2 hour minimum

• Must have 2 chaperons per group of 30.

• Class size is limited to 60 per session divided into 2 groups attending simultaneously.

• Catering packages available.

    o Lunch: Pizza and Beverage ($6.00 per person including chaperones)